About Ageless Net

Ageless Net is an online retail shop with guidance on beauty, health and anti-ageing.

Misty Rudkin, the developer of the Ageless Net platform, has been working in the information technology industry for over 20 years, applying the information technology logic and intelligence she has gained to provide information that adopt to our life style.

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Getting the accurate information is the key to getting the expected solution, and what can you do to get the right information?

In one case, a 70 year old woman who had been suffering for a long time from excessive cholesterol and Heel Spurs had no idea what was causing it and left it alone. She was discouraged and thought she was going to die of old age, but by giving her doctor the correct information and getting the right prescriptions, the tests were clear, the pain was gone and she is now in her eighties and has more energy than when she was in her seventies.

It’s great to be able to solve an annoying problem that is so close to home and leave the tests to the experts.

We hope to provide products and knowledge that will help many people through this platform.