Playful Tone Up Fitness

High Tech Fitness

A simple, playful effective exercise programme on a personal trampoline.

[The Top 5 reasons why I can’t keep up with exercise]
No.1: I look miserable with training wears in public.
No.2: I can make excuses easily. Weather is bad, too hot or too cold.
No.3: I will do from tomorrow and it never comes.
No.4: I have too much high expectation.
No.5: Simply I don’t enjoy.

Join from home: Connect online Zoom classes. You can catch up classes with recorded sessions when you missed.
Easy and fun to lose weight: Lose weight naturally while having fun jumping and playing like a kid.
Easy for everyone: No matter if you are not good at exercise or dancing. It is designed by human’s natural movements. Easy to follow.
The concept of High Tech Fitness is to eat, sleep and move especially people who have trouble losing weight, who don’t like to move or who don’t keep motivations.
High Tech Fitness takes a very short time is like a brushing teeth.

[Expected results]
Weight loss
Fat burning
Toning up
Relief of back, shoulder and lumbago pain
Reduction in cholesterol levels
Reduction of physical inactivity
Strengthening of joints and muscles
Improves posture and body shape (increased bust, tighter waist, raised hips and more attractive body shape)
Strengthens core muscles, making you less prone to injury
Prevents post-menopausal leakage of urine
Relieves depression and depressed mood

[Fitness Menu]
1) Logical Hop (a personal trampoline required)
2) Logical Circuit with muscle training elements (chair, dumbbell, trampoline)
3) Zumba Dance
4) Zumba Toning (a pair of dumbbell required)
5) Zumba Step (a step required)
You can choose any sessions as much as you like.

After the class, we inform how much you had steps which will be a guide to increase or decrease your physical activity.
6) Members Diary you can record what you ate meals, how much you were attended and how much move
7) Workshops leaning healthy Japanese dishes, Face toning, Sing along in Japanese.

[Membership Fee]
Regular Monthly Pass $77.00 for All Programmes and all workshops

One time trial ticket $6.00

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