Manufacturers Passions



Skincare and Health care Products Company

E-Conception is a natural therapy products brand that has been producing skincare and healthcare products based on aromatherapy and clay therapy to revitalise the body, mind and spirit located in Redland Bay, Queensland since 2000.

Our Passion

  • Respect and encourage people to live their lives naturally and in their own ways.
  • Establish community to learn and improve together that any diverse background people.
  • To be in healthy life, among physically, mentally, society and environment through the energy given by nature and the universe.

Meaning of the brand name

As a brand name for an aroma and clay therapy product, it sounds a bit of not right.

The reason why we chose such a strange brand name is because our business vision is not just selling products. we were keen to put more powerful energy meaning into our products. First of all, the meaning of the letter “E”,
I was so excited that “Yeah, there are many “E” words as eternity, essence and ecology suit my concept.
Also, in 2000, one of the primary communication tools was “E-mail” at that time, so “E” is perfect for us. The word “Conception” has the meanings of “idea”, “impression” and “origination” as well as “pregnancy” and “conceiving”. We would like to share with people we will meet “something” we create through our activities.

In addition, this business owner, I was a pregnant at the time. The cat in the logo mark is called “sleeping cat“. It has nothing to do with aromatherapy though we named friendly sound even the business is quite formal. I just wanted to create something different from typical botanical images. As a result I really love this logo because it is cute and relaxing.


  • High quality and a wide range of products to satisfy for high demanding professionals.
  • Recipes and processes that preserve natural energy.
  • Product development that improving for customers desires.
  • Right volumes and affordable prices.
  • Product information disclosed details as much as possible.