High Tech Fitness created original class structure and choreography.

Keep being fat burning zone during class time adjust attendees fitness level included
muscle workout, cardio, ABS, stretching with some extra ideas.

If you are not very good at taking rhythm or you feel heavy, use a fitness trampoline which helps your body lighter and moving much easier than on the floor.

Trampoline is nice for knees and get good balance I had left side back pain and left frozen shoulder though

Class Schedule
Mon – Sat

Morning 6.00 – 6.35

Night 9.00 – 9.35

each day via online meeting system. Free for once a week attendance. Unlimited Pass is $16/pp pw.

Exercise space needs 103cm diameter as trampoline size.
like 40 inch cost $50 – $80 ish for under 100kg, other options are with bar or up to 300kg loading available too.

Our choreography is not complicated, simple and fun. Also We don’t recommend food restriction to reduce weight. Just move and get energy from food.