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Aromatherapy blends for aromatic baths

D71 Cinnamon Power (Immune Promotion) 5ml


Based on the anecdote of a medieval European plague epidemic, a thief wearing spices & herbs was doing well, we have applied that thief’s recipe in conjunction with the latest medical research.

A powerful immune-promoting blend that protects against illness with a delicious aroma.

Essential oils include: lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree and clove (100% pure essential oil blend).

At the moment, we have a limit of 20 bottles per person. Please note that there is a limit of 20 bottles per person at the moment.

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Aromatherapy blends for aromatic baths

This aromatic bathing blend helps to create an atmosphere in a room while at the same time regulating the state of mind and body. It is a blend of 100% pure essential oil.

How did we develop Cinnamon Power (Immune Promotion)

The story of medieval Europe is the one that triggered its development.

A long time ago, the plague (Black Death) was an epidemic in Europe.

It was a bacterial disease that was spread by fleas on rats, and was so rampant that the population of Europe at the time was halved.

There is an anecdote about a thief who wore spices and herbs and was doing very well in the middle of the rampage.

Spices were supposedly a luxury item at that time, but did they steal them from rich people’s homes and make use of them?

It’s amazing how effective it is in protecting you from the plague, isn’t it?

Just as I was thinking about using such a thief’s recipe, I received this information from cutting-edge medical research.

Amazingly, the synergistic effect of cinnamon and peppermint ingredients can eliminate “biofilms” that antibiotics don’t work.

The thief’s recipe has been scientifically backed up.

We’ve adapted this with pure essential oils from Econ to create a powerful immune-promoting blend that protects against disease.

Cinnamon and clove essential oils are prone to skin irritation, but when blended with citrus essential oils, they ease skin irritation. (It’s called the Quenchon phenomenon.)

We also added tea tree, which speeds up the immune system, and eucalyptus, which is also effective against viruses.

This refreshing, sweet and delicious blend of 7 different essential oils has been exquisitely blended to create a delicious aroma.

Please use this powerful immune-promoting blend to protect yourself from illness this winter.

How to use it.

Place 1-2 drops on a tissue and inhale the fragrance, or use an aroma pot or electric diffuser to inhale the diffused scent in the air.

This series has been developed for the purpose of “aromatic bath” (to enjoy fragrance).

*This series has been developed for the purpose of “aromatic bath” (to enjoy fragrance).

When using this product in a massage or aromatic bath, be sure to dilute it at a low concentration (less than 1%) and always patch test it.

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