Natural Health Care Set

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Health Care Set

This is the strongest [immunity-boosting] oils, which you will immediately feel better.

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SET15 Natural Health Care Set

It’s that time of year when the cold virus is spreading.

Have I caught a cold? This set contains all the ingredients necessary for the strongest [immunity-boosting] oil.

What’s included in the set.

Jojoba oil 25ml, tea tree essential oil 10ml, eucalyptus essential oil (Radiata) 10ml, spruce essential oil 2ml


1. carrier oil (such as jojoba oil): 5 mm

2. tea tree essential oil: 4 drops

3. spruce essential oil: 3 drops

4. eucalyptus essential oil (radiata): 3 drops (I recommend radiata or blue gum as a type of eucalyptus)

[How to make it]

1. fill a 5mm shade bottle with carrier oil to the ninth part (eye level is fine).

2. drop in the above three essential oils and shake well.

【How to use.

Rub it into the throat, chest, back and lymphatic areas below the ear.

Rub it firmly into the area where you feel the virus has entered the body.

This is all you need to kill the virus in the early stages.

Since this is for partial use, the concentration of essential oil is very high at 10%.

Please note that it cannot be used on children, pregnant women, full body massage or the face.

If you have a reaction in the patch test, please try lowering the concentration.

How to take care of yourself when you feel temperature.


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