• To ensure that the products are always safe for babies and of high quality and therapeutically suitable for use, E-Conception places great emphasis on quality inspection and quality control.
  • We work with trusted suppliers to carefully select products that have a face to face with the producer. In addition, we only deliver products that have undergone rigorous analysis and testing to meet our standards.
  • We would like to deliver our products in as natural a state as possible. For this reason, we avoid the use of artificial preservatives, colourants, and flavors, and we carefully manufacture our products by hand in small batches, just as we do for fresh products.

E-Conception.org アロマの部屋 品質へのこだわりThe suppliers E-Conception works with comply with the strict standards for manufacturing therapeutic products set by the Australian government. E-Conception carefully selects only the highest quality products among them.

When the products arrive, they are inspected and checked for quality by a dedicated quality control officer using numerous component analyses and other methods. Impurities added, deteriorated, or not meeting quality standards are rejected or returned.
E-Conception.org アロマの部屋 品質へのこだわりFor this reason, it is our policy never to compromise on quality, even if there are occasional long-term shortages or changes in country of origin.

We are sure that analytical testing by gas chromatography & mass spectrum component analyzer is also essential. All incoming lots are tested for component analysis and samples are stored for the past 7 years.

E-Conception.org アロマの部屋 品質へのこだわりThere is often a misconception that the results of gas chromatography analysis are enough to give you peace of mind, but gas chromatography analysis alone cannot tell you the quality of an essential oil.

The accumulation of historical data, how can we determine which components are genuine or counterfeit? You may or may not know that this is the case. This is what can be called the intellectual property of quality control. It is a criterion that can only be obtained through years of research.

E-Conception.org アロマの部屋 品質へのこだわりWe obtain only the amount of raw materials you need and manufacture them in small batches according to the quantities you order. Since we do not produce in large quantities to reduce costs, there is always a fresh supply of products available.

E-Conception.org アロマの部屋 品質へのこだわり E-Conception stores the received and manufactured products in temperature-controlled refrigerated rooms.
Every effort is made to ensure that the products are always delivered in fresh condition.

E-Conception.org アロマの部屋 品質へのこだわり
Our quality control staff re-checks products that are carefully handcrafted by our manufacturing staff before they are shipped. This prevents human error.

E-Conception.org アロマの部屋 品質へのこだわりIn consideration of environmental issues, we try to use up the capacity and earth-friendly packaging. The cushioning material we use is made of potato starch. It is safe for pets to eat by mistake.
We avoid excessive packaging and make every effort to ensure that our products are delivered safely to you.